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11 life advice for your early 20s from some guy in his mid-20s

May 15, 2018

What’s good beloved!!!!!!!!

The original title was “11 life advice for your early 20s from some African guy in his mid-20s” but it was too long and it messed with the aesthetics of my homepage so I had to cut it lmao.


It’s time for some therapy baby.

So as you know, I come from a religious African background which means that I am automatically confined to a certain set of rules and lifestyle. While this has its positives, we are sadly predisposed to focus more on the negatives, but we won’t get too much into that.

My parents did a great job of instilling some amazing values into me from an early age but, unfortunately, as you grow older, you may start noticing some flaws in an ideology.

As a 25 years old African man living in the western world today, some may look at me and think “you’re only 25- you don’t have that much life experience to be giving any life advice” but let me tell you why you’re wrong: “a smart man learns from his mistakes but, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others”.

As such, I am supremely confident that my observations, perceptions and subsequently my interpretations are key traits that will help me to live a successful and abundant life in the future.

I have an old soul.

Now that the ice is broken, I’ve compiled a list of some key things that will be of benefit to you as you navigate through your 20s. Heck, I’m still currently practising all of these things myself today.

  1. Read. Read a lot: There are no new problems that you could possibly face that someone else hasn’t already experienced or written about. So start reading and find solutions to those “HUGE” problems. It really is pointless to stress over them.
  2. Maximise your physique and appearance: If being Black isn’t an option for you (who doesn’t like chocolate #giggity) then, you need to invest in a gym membership, get jacked and learn how to dress nice. Trust me on this one.
  3. Learn to have patience: Understand that there are somethings outside of your control and it doesn’t matter how “hard you try”… It simply won’t happen until it’s your turn so to speak. Submit to the process and keep grinding because your time will come and when it does, you want to be ready.
  4. Learn to listen, but with sceptical ears: Don’t be too quick to accept every new information you receive/ consume as the truth. Don’t allow new information (regardless of how plausible it may seem at the time) to overhaul your entire belief system without conducting your own research and, coming to your own conclusions.
  5. Age is only a number: Never use your age as an excuse not to pursue your goals. Don’t think you’re either too young or too old to take on a new challenge. I say this because I am 25 years old with a Law degree currently working in the Insurance industry to pay my bills. Marketing and entrepreneurialism is the ultimate goal but to make such transition, I may have to start from scratch. However, I am completely okay with the notion of ‘starting from the bottom’ and, once I have saved up enough money to fund my ambitions, you best believe that I am chasing them relentlessly!
  6. Never be afraid to challenge your beliefs: Perception is reality. There are so much we think we know about the world and ourselves and, if you’re spending time on a personal development website, there’s a high chance that you’re constantly learning and evolving. Do not be afraid to unlearn some of the things you once held as an unshakeable “truths” about yourself, people and the world. It was hard for me to get over the fact that Santa Claus wasn’t real. It was even harder when I discovered that wrestling was staged, scripted and predetermined. I was pissed but, these were “undisputed truths” I had to confront, challenge and then overturn. Oh and I also believed I’d never get laid (LOL, just kidding mum! Please don’t beat me! I need web traffic! #Banter)
  7. Define what success means to you before you spend your entire life chasing it! (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT).
  8. Never put too much trust in ANY human being: I’m not by any means telling you to become a sociopath but, just understand that as human beings, we are designed to let each other down. Have you ever disappointed somebody that thought highly of you before? What makes you think you can’t or won’t experience the same? People will let you down at some point but, how you choose to deal with it is your call #FoodForThought.
  9. Develop a great money-personality: For example, I’ve seen so many great friendships dissolve over the issue of money therefore as a rule of thumb, I don’t loan out money that I’m not prepared to lose. On the other hand, when I borrow money, repaying my loan is my number priority regardless of how much time the lender gives me to repay my debt.
  10. Take calculated financial risks and only invest the money you’re prepared to lose. I invested £1,500 into an agricultural venture towards the end of 2016. Safe to say that I probably won’t get that money back because that particular business flopped. However, I knew the risks associated but I will say this: the greater the risk, the bigger the reward. (I lay emphasis on “the greater the risk”. You have been warned!)
  11. Figure out what works for you and do that: I state this because you will be tempted to compare yourself to others in your early 20s and think “maybe I’m doing this wrong” or “maybe this is what I should be doing instead”. Fuck that: determine what matters to YOU and, figure out what works for YOU. Stick with what works for you until you figure out something better.

I have so much more to say on the topic and could probably write another 4000 words but, I don’t want to waffle on.

If you feel like I’m preaching then you’re absolutely correct. I’m preaching to you and me, however, as always, I’m not here to boss you around by telling you how to live your life. These are free, unsolicited advice. Do what you will with this information but given that this is my damn website… I can post what I want.

Ya bish! Lol

Feel free to message me directly if you wish to discuss further. I welcome all communications.

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