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How do you fight laziness?

August 18, 2018


By definition, laziness is the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. 

Personally, I think this is good news because then I know that ‘laziness’ isn’t a fixed state. This must then mean that laziness a cultivated habit, just like mediocrity, which we have every power to change, as well as improve upon. Yaaaaaas!

Let me tell you another good news:

You’re currently chilling on STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE  and, we’re an advocate of serious personal development. Our focus is on reprogramming the mind for the better by unlearning a lot of toxic behaviours which has followed us into our older age. Without a doubt, any real student of the game would tell you that the actual process of improving oneself can be incredibly arduous and relapsing into old habits can be easy if due care is not taken. Sometimes it’s even inevitable but, this is exactly why we’re such a big promoter of getting to the root cause of an issue, that’s deep within ourselves and resolving it- nip it in the bud.

The don of this website | Fighting laziness (3) | strength with substance

That said, as the Don of this website, I’d like to congratulate you for now being a part of a small community of like-minded individuals (don’t worry, you’re not joining a cult or the illuminati lol) who truly give a damn about the betterment of their lives and reaching a higher level of success. As opposed to those that superficially claim that they do, simply because it’s a cool trend to follow in this fickle social media era.


If you can’t utilise your self-awareness to objectively critique yourself for the purpose of personal development, or you get extremely offended when criticised then I may have been wrong about you. If this sounds like you then with all due respect, click the ‘X‘ button and GTFO my page right NOW-I’m not here to entertain pussies. However, feel free to stay, if you acknowledge that you’re a pussy but you want to learn how not to be a pussy any more. There’s no shame in admitting this- I’m a recent graduate myself.

So anyway, let’s talk about ‘laziness’ and how to win the battle against it:

Personally, I believe that laziness exists because the individual is not serious (about their life) in the first place. Think about it:

If you set a goal and you take it seriously, do you think you will have time to waste on frivolous things? Probably not. I can guarantee that you will value your time a lot more and spend it on the things that truly matter-probably your goals. You’d probably be more encumbered with figuring out more ways to increase your productivity and “doing more” to bring you closer to your accomplishments rather than spending your time reading blog posts titled “how do you fight laziness”. (It’s tough love and you need to hear it.)

The thing is, your “justifications”, rationalisations and excuses for failing to accomplish your goals will be just that- EXCUSES.

You know, now that I think about it, being lazy is actually really stupid.

Let us take a minute to explore this together:

Imagine you have a goal to become a well-established Personal Trainer. You aspire to own a luxurious gym one day and train high profile clients. However, you keep telling yourself that you lack the motivation to “begin” the process and on top of that, you can’t get qualified to become a Personal Trainer because you just don’t like studying so you keep procrastinating your “ambition”. How dumb is that? No, seriously.

This is like saying you’re hungry but you can’t be bothered getting up to grab some food!

On this basis, I don’t think ‘laziness’ is truly the issue for most people. I really think it could be a red herring, disguising the real problem for them. I think the important question we need to ask is: Does this individual even have a goal that they truly care about, to begin with?

When you truly care about something (or someone), it means you’re emotionally invested in it.

From personal experiences, observation and my own self-reflection, I discovered that more often than not, we find ourselves idle because we feel lost and without much sense of direction. No matter how much we tell people about our goals and aspirations or whatever it is we’re aiming to accomplish, we may often find that we don’t make real tangible progress. This could be because we don’t really care about those “goals” in the first place even though we have managed to convince everyone that we do. Well, I’m not fooled and I know YOU are full of crap because I’ve been in your shoes.

The don of this website | Fighting laziness (3) | strength with substance

I have superficially said some things in the past because it sounded good or because I was just trying to impress or shut someone up knowing full well that deep down, I don’t really care about the actual ambition as much as I had claimed. As a result, I ended up getting a 2:2 in my Law Degree (trash lol) and resigned from the legal profession indefinitely after realising that I looked a bit like a prick wearing a full-on suit and tie in the office whilst I spoke to people on the telephone whom  I would never see or meet face-to-face (I felt so pretentious man!)

My point is this: if we don’t have a sense of purpose or direction, how do we even know where to focus our energy in the first place? But anyway I digress.

The don of this website | Fighting laziness (3) | strength with substance

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong about everything and you could truly care about your goals. But, if you’re still maintaining that the reason you’re not making any tangible progress with your targets is solely attributed to your laziness then allow me to share these 7 excellent principles that have helped me, and are still helping me to fight laziness on a consistent basis till today:

  1. Get serious with your life: You could die tomorrow. (Getting serious with your life has been known to make you come across as you not caring what other people think because you’re too busy focused on consciously moving forward in your life)
  2. Create a worthy goal to accomplish: (Then) keep repeating this process- this is my definition of success
  3. Learn to prioritise: This is a great practical way to beat procrastination
  4. Observe what you spend your time on: If what you spend your time on isn’t productive or drawing you closer to fulfil your targets then get rid of, or limit them. I myself prefer the first option. Going cold turkey. (The Instagram app is deleted off my phone. I re-install it when I need to promote my blog then I delete it again. I don’t have the Facebook app, Twitter or Messenger. My Snapchat is dead nowadays-I just use it to send nudes to one person. LOL Jk Jk-You’ll sometimes notice that I say certain things purely for banter and marketing purposes- I’m going to need you to get used to that)
  5. Become accountable to someone
  6. Don’t be static, be active: Always have something you’re working on. (Why don’t you learn how to build a website. I bet that would be a useful skill to have in this booming digital age. Better yet, open up a word document, and start writing literally about anything. What about photography or editing? Look, listen, mate, just learn new shit innit!)
  7. Acquire knowledge: If you simply find yourself with a lot of spare time then READ! Adorn your mind. Personally, I’m interested in e-commerce, marketing, psychology and human behaviour. I didn’t randomly wake up miraculously knowing what I know overnight. I’ve been on the internet diligently researching, and filtering through a lot of bullshit information on personal development and the power of the human mind since I was 15 years old and guess what? I’m still an infant in these areas and I’m nearly 26. My point is this- there is endless knowledge out there to an extent where ignorance could be deemed as folly. Go and learn!

These are the 7 Golden principles that govern my life and even more so today because there’s a lot at stake at the moment (*insert eye emoji*).

Adhering to these 7 principles have helped me to cultivate some great habits today and I am confident they will help you also. Regarding #7, I recommended some great books in one of my earlier blog posts. Click here to check it out. Feel free to add these books to your regiment.

I say all that to say this:

Look listen, I’d never steer you wrong. I won’t preach what I don’t practice and as a matter of fact, me being here right now, writing, editing and publishing a blog post at 02:20 am on Saturday, when I should be in bed resting for a job I need to be at in less than 5 hours is enough proof to back up my claim above. Keeping in mind that I have been sat on my desk, for 7 hours, finalising this blog post, straight after getting home from work.

I highlight the above to say only one thing: it doesn’t matter how “difficult” or unfeasible your goal might seem. If it truly means something to you, then you will find a way to accomplish it. It really is that simple.

In the words of Kevin Gates: I DON’T GET TIRED!

Feel free to hit me up if you want to chat. Comment below or email me @ strengthwithsubstance@gmail.com– let’s get personal (with me, confidentiality is key).

(Oh and by the way, #1 above reigns supreme in me today).

Now do one, I’m off to get some much-needed sleep before the bags under my eyes start charging me 10p. Mwah!

As always, don’t forget where you found this article. Remember to like it, comment and share! This is not a game.



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