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Damn! I Fell off

May 11, 2017

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How can you help others if you can’t even keep it real with yourself?

It’s currently 2:01 in the morning and I can’t sleep!  My bedtime is long overdue and my alarm will go off at 7:50 am- that’s when my day officially starts. Truth be told, I’ve been seriously struggling to sleep for the past couple of days and this is quite unusual not to mention a little worrying. Especially for me! I may have 99 problems but I never thought sleep deprivation would be one of them. I wasn’t able to fully diagnose the root cause of the issue. Well…until now. Turns out I’ve just been feeling guilty for my piss poor efforts over the last 2 months.


"damn, i fell off!" Tell me more meme | strength with substaneI’ve accepted the fact that there is absolutely nothing “normal” about me. If you care as much as I do about self-improvement and personal development, you’re not normal. Trust me.

I’m the type to deliberately put myself in uncomfortable situations to force growth. For example, I remember taking cold showers every single morning for about a month during the winter to help improve my focus. My mum thought I was insane! (She nearly sparked me (knocked me out).

Old habits die hard

At the risk of sounding classically insane…I have a tendency to live in my head a little more than the average guy.

Although this can have some benefits, there’s a fine line between daydreaming about your future with a big grin on your face because you like the vision that you see and over thinking every situation. When the latter wants to take over, I simply open up Microsoft Word and start writing. And, as you all know, this is my therapy.

If any of this makes me look sad or crazy then so be it but if you’re sat there judging me, well…you can just kiss 3/5ths of the darkest part of my ass lol

It’s just me, myself, and I

It goes without saying that we are our own biggest critic. We are the only creatures in existence to punish ourselves for the same mistake a thousand times by constantly reliving it in our heads. Now, I don’t want you to get it twisted: I’m not about to mentally punish myself for something that I’ve said, done or failed to do- absolutely not! That’s not the ‘STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE’ way. Instead, this will be an objective review/self-assessment just to keep me in check because that’s one of my responsibilities as a man. Period.

Time to address the issue

Before I “officially” launched this website (when I publicised it on social media and basically told everyone I know), what you probably don’t know is that I had been strategising for around 6-7 months prior. I created a “blueprint” which I’m confident has a 90% success rate as a bare minimum. I made it my business to study how to generate web traffic since I was a teenager so yes, I definitely have every reason to trust this blueprint. I’ve tested a few theories, seen the results, therefore, the formula works.

Random Fun Fact:

If you basically want to build a website site that generates a substantial amount of traffic, as a rule of thumb, all you need to do is ensure that you have multiple streams of web traffic.

Furthermore, one of your main duties as a successful website owner will be to figure out how to gain quality exposure on whatever it is you’re promoting.

I won’t get too technical but when it comes to blogging, as long as you know what you’re doing with SEO (Search engine optimisation) and “manipulating” search engine algorithms, just keep publishing high-quality content and with some patience and consistency coupled with effective marketing strategies, you will start seeing growth over a period of time. It really is that simple. Don’t believe me? here’s my analytics from the first time I publicly released my first blog post on 8th December 2016 on the internet (less than 2 months progress):

Strength with substance google analytics from dec 8th to Feb 28(I don’t really care too much about the numbers at the moment. All I wanted was to prove my formula and evidently, it looks like it’s working. Although for less than 2 months work, those numbers are still not bad given that I had zero online presence to begin with.  I just have to 3x my work rate going forward)

So…how did I fall off?

After the honeymoon phase of launching my website was over, I quickly realised that my work ethic started to diminish and my discipline became disgusting. I’m not even exaggerating. My website was offline from sometime in February till the 7th of May for maintenance work/upgrades and oh my goodness: I became very lazy! I went from travelling to different cities every weekend to gather content for my gallery to chilling in my room procrastinating and being stagnant.

I also went from writing a blog post every single day for a minimum of 15 minutes to writing none.

Out of complacency, I became easily distracted and I failed to follow the system that I put in place to keep myself consistent- unacceptable!


I have to address this because if I don’t hold myself accountable then I’ve lost half of the battle. If I can’t moderate myself then I have a very slim chance of making this project a success in the way that I’ve envisioned it.

The ability to objectively critique oneself is part of the process of producing the highest quality of work.

At the end of the day, genuine constructive criticisms are hard to come by so if I can’t keep it real with myself, then it’s all over.

Some may read this thinking that I’m highly critical of myself but I disagree: I’m a pragmatic deluded perfectionist (if you know, you know) and I recently came to a conclusion that “they” fed us a lie: starting is not the hardest part. Staying consistent is!

I say all that to say this:

I’m not out here trying to “blow up” or become internet famous for frivolous reasons.

I’m actually working on building something tangible that will add genuine value to your life.

I’m in it for the long run. I want my work to stand the test of time. If I’m still here uploading content in the next 3 years then know that I’m living one of the numerous visions for my life.

That said, the only mental jewel that I have for you reading this right now is this:-

if you feel like you’ve “fallen off” with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s with your education, gym goals, diet goals, career goals, life goals and etc… you need to go back to basics! Go back to the real reason why you’re chasing that goal.

Once you figure out the “why”, the rest will become easier. At the same time, trust whatever system that you’ve put in place to keep you disciplined and above all else: submit to the process!

“I feel much better now”

Because I’ve had people complimenting my “hard work”, I’ve been letting that get to my head and as such, I’ve not been keeping it real with myself. However, I’m back to my sesnses again and I feel much better. As it turns out, it seems I was just feeling really guilty about slacking off.

At least I hope I can now get some damn sleep because if the bags under my eyes get any bigger, I might have to start charging 5p for them! (little British Humour) #BeSafeTho

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