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Indulge me for a moment guys!

May 31, 2017

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Story time:

So I can recall working for a homeless charity at some point in my life as a door to door fundraiser where we would travel to different location in a small group to “inspire and provide information in order to generate revenue from the public” to combat homelessness as well as the fund needed to sustain the on-going campaigns against bad housing in the UK. This is a professional way to say I went out to get rejected on a daily basis lol.

You can imagine how important “mindset” would be for this type of role so before the start of every shift, the manager or team leader would give a motivational speech to get us hyped up for the day. They would drop many mental jewels to inspire us and dismiss any bad energy because “a negative attitude can have an adverse effect on one’s performance for that day”-I agree. But it’s also about numbers game with this type of job but I digress lol.

We all had a target to get two signups per shift and at the end of every motivational speech always came this question the Team Leader would ask: “HOW MANY ARE YOU GETTING TODAY?” and then came the part where we are all meant to respond like Spartans!

It’s a mad ritual and the clip below sums it up quite well.

The responses were equally as mad:

With the daily target in mind, we would get fundraisers making some crazy pledges: “I’M GETTING 3 TODAY”. “NAH SCREW THAT, PUT ME DOWN FOR 5!” The atmosphere was great. However, there were us some who passively said: “I’ll try and get [insert pessimistic but yet realistic figure here]”. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with the team leader so one faithful day during a training session; he pulled the team to the side and challenged our perspectives to dispel everything we ever believed about “trying” to achieve our targets. It was marvellous and that’s exactly what I’m about to share with you now.

Indulge me:

Now, what I’m about to share with you isn’t groundbreaking and to be honest, it requires you to discard common sense.

If you’re an extremely technical person, don’t even bother with this lol. All in all, I thought the exercise was pretty cool and I’m sharing it damn it!

The premise of what I’m about to share lies on the foundation that “trying”doesn’t exist!

My Team Leader firmly asserted that “you either do or you don’t. Trying does not exist” He exclaimed.

My first reaction was “bro, STFU, stop yelling” but then he told one of us to bring out a bottle of water and place it on the table.

Mind = Blown

Further to the above, my Team Leader then instructed anyone to “try” and pick it up the bottle of water.

Alas, after many great attempts we were all defeated. We all concluded that physically “trying” to pick up the bottle was impossible.

He then went on to explain his point again: when you set out to do something only two things are certain- you either do it or you don’t! “HOW MANY SIGN UPS ARE YOU GETTING TODAY?” He’d ask again and soon enough, all  of who were initially passive about our forecast found ourselves shouting out crazy figures like the rest of the mad bastards with our chest! It was great bro lmao!

It was at that moment that I thought “Holy shit, I love this type of brilliant idiot logic” because let’s be fair, that’s exactly what it is. It’s so dumb that it makes sense.

Anyway, without getting too deep or debating the technical definition of the word “trying”, I’ve since then adopted this mentality to ALL of my duties. I don’t “try” to accomplish my goals. I either do or I don’t.

Going forward, when I ask you a question and you reply with “I’ll try”, prepare yourself: I will whip out a bottle and give you the exact same speech and have you growling like a spartan. Just ask my sister lol.

I say all that to say this:

Shout out to all the brilliant idiots out there. You are legends and you will be honoured as such.

I really enjoyed sharing this experience and I hope you have gained something of value from this. If you didn’t, well, then, I’ll get my dad to knock out your dad! #Banter

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