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You are phenomenal. Stop seeking permission [2]

December 21, 2016


Welcome to part 2 of “you are phenomenal” series.

Between me and you, the inspiration for this article came after speaking to a few teenagers and those in their early 20s.

I found that some of these guys have such an amazing entrepreneurial spirit but, I observed that they all had a few things in common that was holding them back.

I observed 3 main traits which can be argued to be holding these ambitious individuals back. I noticed that:-

  1. Lack of confidence in their ability or;
  2. Not knowing how to get started (lack of information/knowledge) and;
  3. The fear of failure

These 3 things surfaced quite often during discussions.

When I think about it, these are arguably the 3 biggest things holding all of us back in life

Lack of confidence

If “confidence” or lack thereof is your issue then I’m sorry but the only advice I have for you is to get over yourself.

You need to understand that confidence isn’t something you’re given or born with- it is earned!

All you need to know is that confidence is gained through experience and repetition. Any ‘confident’ person will back me up on this.

The focal point remains that no one was born ‘confident’. An even greater point is that we all have to start from somewhere. Simply take solace knowing that you can work on this aspect if you lack it then, get to work. Decide more area you need experience then seek it.

Not knowing how to get started

I refuse to accept this as a legitimate excuse.

Lack of knowledge on how to manifest your plan(s) or vision(s) is not a valid defence in today’s digital age.

I completely acknowledge and understand the fact that not knowing how to go about beginning a project, task or venture could be daunting, frustrating and discouraging. There is however absolutely NOTHING preventing you from conducting your research online or even approaching the people that might have done it before. It really is that simple!

I’m a living proof of this!

When I created this website. I really had zero prior knowledge or received any external/professional help in the traditional sense (excluding the brand logo created by @timsonjb)

I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea on how to build a website and I can say without any exaggeration that I had no clue on what I was doing. Although I was initially excited about the project, I was quite intimidated. I’m not exactly a “tech guy” and words like “coding” or “PHP” and “HTML” frightened me.

It was overwhelming.

However, all I had was a vision and the willingness to learn oh and the internet!

I literally spent 2 weeks on YouTube and became a student!

If I told you that the only time I left my room was to get some food and use the bathroom, you will look at me like I’m crazy. I researched for days and implemented (to the best of my abilities) what I learnt and, the outcome is crystal clear.

By being “self-taught”, I have created a platform for my message to reach the person who truly needs it the most.

The fear of failure

For the folks that are scared of failure…I’m glad!

Feeling like this is perfectly normal and, could act as a great confirmation that you’re on the right track.

We can sometimes have irrational thoughts about the “shame and embarrassment we will suffer if people should find out that we took on a project and failed miserably!”

Don’t worry, you’re not crazy or strange for having thoughts like this. They’re perfectly normal. All it means is that you’re also human like the rest of us. At the end of the day, none of us wants to look bad among our peers.

HOWEVER, this becomes dangerous when all you care about is the POV (point of view) of others, to the extent that it cripples you from actually attempting any of your goals.

You can’t live a full life contemplating the “what ifs”. Truth be told, that would be a total waste of your time.

It would be more profitable for you to take a leap of faith and gather your courage while you’re falling rather than wait for everything to be perfect before you jump. The latter is the perfect formula for procrastination!

Most of our fears are fabrications of our minds anyway.

Wasn’t it Will Smith that said that F.E.A.R stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real? He seems like a credible source. (He probably stole it though lol).

The quote is implying that most of our fears are mere illusions which we have created.

The probability of the “worst-case scenario” which we have managed to conjure up in our minds occurring is actually quite slim. And, even, if the worst case scenerio occurs, see it as an opportunity to grow (as long as you’re not dead lol).

All I know is that you owe it to your future self to be brave today. If you take the leap of faith, two things are certain to happen:

  • You either fly and soar like an eagle or
  • You fall flat on your face

Should the latter happens, you will surely get back up again and, when you do, you can either choose to remain afraid and timid like a little bitch or you can choose to get smacked in the face and swallow the blood some more.

In other words, you can choose to become more courageous and develop a larger appetite for risk!

The choice is yours

As much as I hate writing these “feel good motivational” posts, you are actually more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Fuck Fear

Tap into your phenom

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Timi Awolola