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You didn’t fall off. You just need to recalibrate yourself

November 14, 2018

Let’s rewind the clock 3 months when I returned to work to find out that I had been successful in my application and was selected to be part of an 8 months Business/Personal Development Programme organised by the company, for its “Rising Stars”.

On one of the last days of the development seminars, I had a task to create a presentation with my team to share our experiences of the event as well as to present more information to the rest of the group on the project that we have to showcase to the Executive Board (of a Billion Pound company) in the next 6 months. (Move over Alan Sugar).

Now, I’m not going to lie: I’m not very fond of presentations. Not because I suck at them, but, because I don’t have a lot of experience in this realm. So, as you can probably imagine, my inexperience made my black ass a little nervous. (I really won’t go out of my way to volunteer to do a presentation, but I will deliver one if I absolutely have to).

To help calm our nerves, the workshop moderator did a little exercise with us which I’m now going to explain:

Close your eyes.

(No, not right now dingus! You need to finish reading first LOL).

Let’s try again.

Think back to a time where you felt very confident and powerful.

It could be at any point or stage in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you can recall these strong emotions. The idea is to re-animate those feelings by taking yourself back to the specific moment where you felt them the strongest.

Now, once you’ve captured the experience, I want you to hold on to it.

If the brain has a strong point of reference, then it can recreate an experience and manifest it in real time, which can then be of service to you on demand.  For example, when delivering a presentation.

Feeling empowered yet? 

Yea nah, neither did I.

*Plot twist*

Banter aside, although the exercise above was only useful to me when I was a 17-year-old boy who was preparing to start the first year of Uni…that’s not to say that it wouldn’t be useful to YOU today. So, why not give it another try? But this time around, be a little more serious about it.

The reason the above is no longer effective for me is because I have adopted other techniques to tap into my confidence today. For example, going back to the personal development seminar, I learnt a very simple but highly effective technique that was designed to help me stay in the present and avoid any overthinking. I was also able to harness my focus, align my centre of gravity and consequently, it was effective in taming my nerves and making me more confident as I led the presentation.

The technique

The technique was simply jumping up in the air and landing with my feet (shoulder width) apart. Pretty simple but its very powertful stuff. Trust me.

I can’t remember how the moderator referred to the landing stance, but I’ve always called this my ‘power stance’.

As you can see, I’ve always paid attention to my physiology when I want to feel and I think I learnt about having a strong body language when I was around 18/19 years old. Some of you guys might already do this unconsciously. My brother does and he looks like a badass but I’ve had to learn it on my personal development journey.

Having a powerful stance works in making us feel more confident, and gives us a stronger presence. You might have even noticed it being adopted by members of the British Conservative Party. Sadly, some of them have taken this thing a bit too far but the result is pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Case in point:

Look at our prime minister, Theresa May looking like she’s about to smash the wickedest 35-yard free-kick, Cristiano Ronaldo Style.

Theresa May power stance | Recalibrate yourself. Strength with substance
Tragic. Such a wasteman.

Anyway, going back to the technique, the main learning point was the jump itself.

While in the air, the body resets itself to make sure that when we land, we do so safely. This is why more often than not, most of us will land with our feet wide apart and firmly rooted on the ground. (More so for men because we basically need to let our nuts breath and display our masculinity).

This is a great way to find your power stance.

In hindsight, I also observed that the jump was effective in recalibrating my mind and this is basically what we’re here to discuss today:


By focusing on the jump and the vibrations in my legs, which then radiated to my body as I landed…I was able to momentarily distract myself from being anxious about my performance. Although it was brief, the temporary distraction focus away from over-thinking about the presentation was all I needed to prevent my imagination getting the best of me. Safe to say I bodied (performed well) my part of the presentation.

“Recalibrate yourself!” Let’s get deep (kind of).

All I’ve explained above is as a good metaphor to describe what some of us need to do when we briefly lose focus of our goals or even our focus in life in general.

Rather than engaging in a vicious cycle of self-abuse and self-loathing for “pitifully straying away from the path” so to speak, why don’t we just recalibrate ourselves instead? Keeping in mind that this can be applied to any areas of our lives- some even find or return to God this way.

In May 2017, I published a blog post titled “Damn, I Fell off” in which I criticised myself for becoming undisciplined and inconsistent with my work ethic. At the time, this was necessary to keep myself in check. How silly would it have been to begin a worthy venture and then become lazy straight after?

However, fast forward a year and a half, a lot has changed.

I have new priorities and some unwelcome obstacles. I also have new commitments which have undoubtedly made some of my existing goals a little bit more challenging to attain. I guess this means that I’ve “fallen off” a few times again.

How did I get back on track?

I utilised my self-awareness and carried out some self-reflection. I came up with some developmental feedback, similar to a year and a half ago. The main difference this time was in learning the importance of not beating myself up too much when I fall short.

This is how I got back on track. The goal today is for you to find and identify yours!

How do “YOU” recalibrate yourself?

I don’t know my G. I don’t have the answers. You do. I’m merely here to provoke some thoughts:-

How do you return to the correct mental space where you get back on the right path? (Relative to you and your agenda).

Some people prefer to travel alone for some quality time. Some choose to sit in the dark and just reflect (I tried it a couple of times and I felt super weird but, to each their own) whereas, others prefer to reconnect with God.

Some make a visit to their family home to tap into the core of their being. Some quit certain habits to re-focus their attention. Others prefer to attend seminars while some choose to speak with that one person that helps re-align their vision. (Basically, that person that dish out tough love and calls them out on their bullshits. We all have one of them in our lives. If you don’t, nominate me).

The list goes on my friend.

The main point is for you to do whatever it is that you normally do to recalibrate your mind, and put you back on the right track. This is your job, not mine. And if you don’t know what it is, guess what? You now have two jobs so figure it out!

The Bottom Line:

It’s perfectly okay to briefly lose focus. Being imperfect makes you a human being. However, it is absolutely unacceptable for you to lose focus, constantly beat yourself up or bitch and do absolutely nothing about it. If this sounds like you, then you’re a loser.

We don’t have losers in this camp, and I’m certainly not writing for them.

I say all that to say this: level up or die beloved!

As always, don’t forget where you found this article. Remember to like it, comment and share. This is not a game.



Timi Awolola