the lie they fed us [2]

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The lie they fed us [2]

May 28, 2017


Part 2

“Hard work and consistency” is a saying that we are all familiar with and I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing this corny mantra (Lord knows I am). However, I can’t deny the accuracy of this statement and more importantly, I feel like we don’t actually fully comprehend the gem contained within this timeless wisdom on a deeper level.

My people perish for the lack of knowledge

my people perish for the lack of knowledge

In some cases, the lack of consistency from an individual can be a by-product of lack of information. Similarly, the lack of consistency can be due to the absence of sufficient willpower and resolve from that person. It would be foolish to embark on a journey without carrying out your due diligence i.e. proper research and planning. We all know that there are plenty of ingenious ways to gather information. An effective one is to get in touch with someone that’s already accomplished what you’re chasing so that you can ask relevant questions regarding their experiences. I followed this principle when I reached out to Ben Cummings!

Consistency (or lack thereof)

For the purpose of our discussion, a consistent individual is defined as someone that carries out an act in the same way over a period of time. You’re probably thinking that this is similar to the definition of insanity and you’re absolutely correct. However, the difference lies in the quality of the act by that person. Let me explain: you can either choose to be consistently excellent or mediocre. This is a choice.

Some think that “excellence” is a talent or a natural attribute one is born with but this is false. Excellence is a cultivated habit practised over a period of time and to illustrate, I’m practising it right now! I’m not the best writer in the world and I’m not trying to be. However, I’d love to elevate my writing skills to a much higher level so what do I do? I make sure that I write every single day for a minimum of 15 minutes! This should be the same for you:

Decide on your goals, and work towards it every single day.

Be consistent in upholding the standard you have set for yourself. Don’t worry if you fall off. Just start again the following day. Keep practising ‘consistency’ and soon enough, it will become second nature!

Lack of resolve and willpower

Just to expand further on the point above, I sometimes like to contemplate on the extreme and “worst case scenario”.

I actively seek out “horror stories” associated with my ambitions so that I have an idea of the worst that could happen even though there’s no guarantee that my experience will turn out like that (it can be better or worse).

I do this so that I can ask myself this crucial question: “knowing all this, would you still like to go ahead?” If my answer is “yes” then I have no choice but to follow through regardless of any obstacles I may encounter along the way.

This is one of the ways that I have chosen to develop my resolve and determination.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ could already foresee the things he must go through for the sake of humanity. He knew that he was going to get nailed to a piece of wood. He saw the despicable acts he must suffer for the sake of a sinful and ungrateful race that prefers to take life for granted, and guess what? He still chose to go ahead! He saw the worst case scenario and made a conscious choice to follow through-my approach is quite similar.

Once I’ve considered the “worst case scenario” and decided in my heart to proceed, it’s a wrap! I am accomplishing that goal no matter what!

Does this mean there won’t be obstacles?

Don’t be silly!

Of course, there will be challenges!

Isn’t it the same Jesus Christ that agreed to carry the spiritual burden of the whole world on his shoulders the same person that decided to back out last minute when things got real? Bossman had second thoughts!

It was the anticipation of what’s to come that made Jesus Christ to be grieved, depressed and sorrowful as he approached death.

He cried out to God and begged that he doesn’t go through the pending and underserved torments (but only if it was his will). It was recorded that when Christ prayed to God during his final hours, the sweat coming out of his body was like blood. Such an anguish! Thankfully, God sent some angels to calm and comfort him-Jesus didn’t quit or back out.

What would have happened if Jesus had quit or backed out?

Spoiler Alert:

when he got arrested and put into custody, the innocent Jesus Christ was basically treated like a criminal. He was beaten and flogged numerous amount of times, spat on, verbally abused, stabbed in the ribs with a spear, given vinegar to drink instead of water because some geezer thought it would be funny (what a dick) AND he was finally crucified.

For those who are not familiar: crucifixion is a form of capital punishment for criminals that have committed the most heinous crimes in which the person is tied, nailed or otherwise attached to a large wooden beam and left to hang for several days until eventual death from exhaustion and asphyxiation)

Oh and also, let’s not forget the “crown” that was placed on the head of Christ just for giggles.

“What’s your point?”

I’m not here to turn this into a Bible study session (too late lol) but I outlined the above simply to illustrate that even the most powerful man to ever exist (from a Christian’s/biblical point of view) faced some great obstacles.

If this supreme is not exempted from suffering immense doubts…what makes you special?

In your own quest for accomplishment, you will also face trials and tribulations and you may even “fall off” or “mess up” plenty of times but as long as you remain in the game so to speak, you haven’t lost!

Are you tired? Good!

It’s perfectly fine to be discouraged but it is absolutely unacceptable to give up.

To know you want to quit but you stubbornly refuse until you accomplish your goal is the true definition of persistence and success.

Don’t get me started on the number of times I’ve wanted to stop blogging because of “writer’s block” or the lack of inspiration. Sometimes, I get fed up with website maintenance because it’s tedious and very boring.

However, I know I can’t afford to throw in the towel this early: I have an empire to build.

I understand that The Obstacle is the way! (let that sink in for a second).

More often than not, “success” is the only thing awaiting you after you overcome your obstacles.

Many Christians believe that mankind was “saved” through the death of Christ because he died for their sins.

Worst case scenario?

Even if things don’t turn out the way you had anticipated, you will definitely grow through your experiences. Through the process of overcoming your obstacles, I’m hoping that you will have learnt key traits that will take you further in life such as discipline, unshakable resolve and willpower!

I am also confident that you will have acquired transferable skills which can be applied to a different venture.

Remember this: the day you consciously stop attempting to move closer towards your goals is the day you lost the game.

I couldn’t care less if it takes you 9 years to accomplish your goal(s): as long as you remain in the game: it’s just a matter of time till you receive your blessings. Look at Rihanna- lovely girl but garbage singer.

If you told me 6-7 years ago that Rihanna will be as we know her today, I would have slapped you with a Beyonce CD. But guess what, this girl grafted! She worked at her craft, became better and she’s now easily one of the biggest artist in the world today!




Timi Awolola