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The dangers of consuming too much motivational content

February 21, 2017


If you rolled your eyes after reading my title, the video below is 100% for you lol

Jokes aside; this is actually quite a serious topic and I must confess that I wrote this “lecture” to preach to both you and me.

Random Fun Fact: 

Amongst other things, it is undeniable that technology or the advancement of it is ranking high on the list of things which will bring about the downfall of the human race. Don’t debate me bro-Just accept it.

The decision to write about this topic came after I noticed myself watching more and more of Gary Vee’s videos on Instagram. Although, I quickly discovered that I was focusing less and less on my little projects.

I’m not trying to justify my lack of discipline, neither am I putting the blame solely on Garry Vee and his motivational content. However, what I’m trying to communicate here is that the excessive consumption of these types of content can actually become counter-productive and hold you back more than you realise.

Watching too many motivational videos can take away your focus or worse: turn you into a junkie. Let me explain.

“Consuming motivational content is wrong” is exactly the message I don’t want you to take from this article.

As a matter of fact, I was raised by some of Gary Vee’s teachings and I’ve known about this guy prior to his prominence on IG. Undoubtedly, I definitely subscribe to his mentality. I would even go as far as to declare him as the template which I’m following.

Within context, I’m an extremely competitive guy and Gary Vee is my competition: I want to take his head off! He’s building a media empire and he’s a marketing genius- I want what he has and more AND I am absolutely prepared to do what it takes to get it!


All that aside, the focal point remains that his content has a unique ability to distract an individual from their mission.

His messages are so pure that it can take too much of one’s time to an extent where they forget to actually go out there and get busy! And, this is even after Gary Vee himself instructs the same!

The fact that his message also comes from a very good place can cause you to procrastinate your ambitions while helping his! How? You’re there pressing play each time, thus boosting his notoriety. Just think about that for a second.

Even scarier is the fact that you become reliant on these types of content in order for you to become proactive.

Should I go cold turkey and stop watching motivational content, including STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE?

“You must have lost your damn mind if you think you can stop reading my content” is my answer to the question above. (Please don’t leave me) #Banter.

Of course, I don’t want you to stop reading my materials because I’d like to think that my articles are providing you with some value in their own small ways AND I am definitely not advocating for you to stop watching Gary Vee or any other motivational content.

All I’m requesting from you is to exercise a little discretion when you consume these things. See below!

Motivation is overrated

I simply don’t understand why some people capitalise and rely on motivation so much! As a matter of fact, I’d even go as far as to state that “motivation” and “passion” are some of the greatest lies which I managed to successfully convince myself that I needed in order to be successful. Sure, it would be great to be motivated and hyped up all the time in order to get things done but we all know that life is not set up this way! In reality, we ALL have those days where we simply cannot be bothered to do anything. This might even persist throughout the entire week AND if you’re always waiting for inspiration before you can perform, you’re screwed. You won’t get far- you will remain stagnant and, all a motivational video, quote, podcast, article (including mine) can do is to temporarily alleviate your state of being. While this may not necessarily seem like a bad thing, the focal point remains that it’s never the solution.

The solution

As implied above, “passion” and “motivation” are not always synonymous with success.

On the other hand, consistency, strategic planning + execution will definitely boost your chances of success.

What do you do when you can’t find the drive, passion and motivation to mentally “keep going”? Well, the answer is simple: create a system. It really is that simple. Nothing Zen, nothing in-depth, nothing groundbreaking or jaw-dropping. Simply create a system, test it out and if it works well for you…stick with it till you level up!

For me personally, writing and editing these articles drains a lot of time and effort and although I quite enjoy doing it, the truth of the matter is, I have my days where “life” takes over or those days when I’m not feeling creative or have a topic to write about therefore I really don’t want to do it. I overcame this by creating a system where I would dedicate 15 minutes of my time every single day to write about ANYTHING. I didn’t wait for any inspiration. I would literally just write for 15 minutes. The outcome was magnificent. I tested this system for 2 weeks without fail only to realise that I have written over 10,000 words worth of content which I will be publishing in due course! #DissertationStatusBaby!

You can apply the same method in your own lives. Don’t wait for motivation. Simply create a system that works well for you so that when those difficult days come (and they will) you’re prepared.

I say all that to say this:

The take-home message from all this is for you to be cautious with the amount of motivational content that you ingest so that they don’t distract you from your goals.

As much as I would want you to constantly read my blogs…if you have a specific target but you know that you have been slacking off, I would prefer that you shut down this page, exit my website and go put in some work! My blogs are always going to be here but you are cheating yourself when you delay your goals.

Realise this: today is the best day to start and, you are definitely running out of time beloved!

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Timi Awolola