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Think big start small. Enjoy the process

May 31, 2017

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Yeah stupid, stop thinking about fun, and have it!

-Homer J Simpson

I decided to post the clip above because I found it quite touching.

Anyway… what’s good with you this morning beloved? I’ve been working on reframing my mindset to control certain emotions when they creep up so, once a while, I engage in some productive self-talk.

You may think that I’m Superman but sorry mate; I’m a flawed human being with his own fair share of weaknesses just like you. Hope I didn’t shatter your world too much lol.

Jokes aside, everyone gets those crappy thoughts that try to sabotage their day. Sometimes some of us simply just “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” in the most disgusting mood and we don’t even know why. Other times, we get put into a certain emotional state by an event and we just remain in that mood throughout the day until it passively disappears by itself.

I think this is where we go wrong!

Accepting whatever foul emotions as our default setting that moment in time and hoping it disappears at some point is the wrong way of going about our days. What we should be doing instead is to CHOOSE not to be in that state.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Everything we do (or don’t do) is a result of our choices and decision. It’s very voluntary. With a simple mindset shift, we can reframe our minds ergo, our emotions because, from a neuroscience point of view: emotions and feelings are both chemical signals in the brain.However, my method is not to passively dismiss these feelings. What I offer is a proactive approach with an aim to resolve the problem. One similar to the “catch it, bin it, kill it” flu campaign.catch it bin it kill it campaign it poster| strength with substanceThe next time you find yourself in a foul mood or you feel a negative thought flaring up, I want you to acknowledge it, then question and challenge it. The final step is to reframe and refocus!

This brings me to how I came up with the title for this blog post:

“Think big, start small. Build up your own wins and enjoy the process”

I’m not the first to create a personal development blogging website and I certainly won’t be the last so let me keep it real with you:-

Before the upgrade, I fell into the temptation of comparing my website to others. “You’re not doing numbers like them” or “their website looks better than yours”. Although these thoughts were not constant or persistent, they tend to conveniently creep up at the “perfect time”. It started to get annoying.

I concluded that these thoughts will not go away until I deal with them properly and it’s better to handle it right away before they transform into a greater obstacle against my ambitions. I simply returned to basics when the negative thoughts start to manifest. I reverted back to my “reason why” to quash these type of thoughts.

What do I mean by this?

You probably don’t know this but prior to me starting this whole blogging thing, it took 6-8 months of planning.

I undertook some risk assessments and carried out my due diligence.

I also made my peace with the fact that I might not do crazy numbers for days, weeks, months or even for a couple of years and I asked myself if I would still be okay with all of that and able to continue. The moment I answered “yes”, I have mentally committed to this venture for the foreseeable future and nothing is going to stop me until I accomplish my specific target of having 10k visitors on my website on a daily basis AND the universe has no choice but to get the hell out of my way!me v the universe | strength with substance

Think big start small!

Since I launched in December 2016, I’ve spent a total of £14 on paid advertising in 6 months. This money was spent to understand how an ad campaign works as I’d like to utilise this going forward in the future.

However, as it stands, I don’t particularly have a marketing budget (I’m broke ass hell) therefore, I can’t afford to pay crazy figures for ads campaigns. At the moment, I’m currently averaging around 85 visitors per day so you can imagine that my 10k visitor per day target is a pretty big deal. You can also imagine how challenging it will be since I’m doing all of this organically and independently. However, I deeply understand the level of work that will be required, therefore, I’ve completely submitted to the process so all that’s left for me is to enjoy the grind.


I understand that my goal will take time and effort and I must exercise a lot of patience but while I’m building a solid foundation, I’ve learnt to build small wins and celebrate the little things. For example, I get insanely excited when I see a new visitor on my website. (I’ll probably treat myself when I start averaging 100 visitors a day lol). Don’t even get me started on my level of excitement when I was designing my website. I did it all by myself without prior knowledge and I figured out the intricacies without paying for professional help (not just yet anyway). For example:You see that little red line/divider above? I nearly lost my damn mind when figured out how to implement this design using CSS. (Look at me now using technical terms lol). This red line may look insignificant to outsiders but it’s a pretty big deal to me because I know what I went through to make it happen and I made sure to celebrate that success. I don’t care if it sounds silly.

I say all of that to say this:

Celebrate the little things.

If you’re ambitious like me, you have no choice but to take every win you get. Use this as a source of motivation to “remain in the game” so to speak, especially when your goal requires a lot of hard work and patience.

Discouraging times are sure to come and this is an effective way to deal with them.

I’ll tell you once more: learn to celebrate the little things and keep your vision big!

Think big start small. Enjoy the process. Learn. Grow. Do more. Don’t be static, be active. Stay persistent. Elevate. Progress. Level up and the most important of all: help as many along the way as possible!

I hope you have enjoyed my #2Cents on the topic.

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Timi Awolola