the difference between a sandwich and a million dollars

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The difference between making a sandwich & a million dollars?

December 13, 2017

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Here’s the short answer: I don’t see a difference between the two because they both require you to go through a process. The end. Thanks for reading!

Now, if you’re curious about the ‘Strength with Substance‘ way of breaking things down, then read on.


Hi, my name is Timi. Nice to make your acquaintance.

If you’re expecting a “zen” or “woke” article that’s going to “awaken your third eye”, you’re a long way from home beloved. We don’t preach any of that hippy nonsense over here.

Also, if you’re going to dismiss my points simply because I’m not a millionaire and because of that, you think I’m not deserving of your precious time or feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about then, all I have to say is for you to shut your damn mouth and pay attention for 10 minutes. If you did, then maybe we could both figure out how to get some of this shmoney and make them millions. And perhaps, you’d finally be able to afford to feed your family so that their breath can stop smelling like regret and disappointment my G. How about that…?

All jokes aside (don’t take my humour too personal. Why so serious?), I’m going to need you to leave some of your cynicism at the metaphoric door for this one. Not all, just some.


Let’s begin

We all know that there’s always a process involved with regards to anything we’d like to accomplish. From getting off our arses to rummage through the fridge for the ingredients to make our sandwich, all the way to researching, working hard and investing our money or, playing the lottery and winning millions (fat chance).

The crucial point remains that, there is, and forever will be a process to follow for everything we want to do. (You still had to go through the effort of purchasing that winning lottery ticket didn’t you? 😉 and shall we get into how much you’ve spent on playing thus far on NOT winning? But I get it’s all part of the process right babe? lol)

This is exactly what we’re here to talk about today:

“The Process”


Now, while I can’t teach you how to make a million dollar, (let’s be fair, I actually never said I would?), that doesn’t mean that my words can’t trigger and help you cultivate such mindset.

In all that I’ve achieved in my 20 something years of drawing breath on this planet earth (good and bad), I’ve concluded that the foundation for success (define what success means to you before you spend your entire life chasing it) is largely based on one’s mindset.


For the purpose of this discussion, we are not concerned with the intricate aspects of “the process” itself but rather, we need to recognise and accept deep within our core that even though the “game” might have changed, the same rule and principle still apply. That is, acknowledging that there is and always will be a process. You’re not just going to wake up one day and find that things have just magically “worked” themselves out. No, you need to be active and go through a process.

For example: When you finally decided that you want to become a manager at your current job, I bet you had to follow specific steps before you could level up and progress into your new status. Do you want to lose weight, build some muscle, overcome depression and start feeling good about yourself? You have to follow a process. Do you want to get better with the opposite sex? There’s a process involved with that. Heck, even if you want to commit a crime, guess what? There’s also a process for that too! What if you want to make a sandwich or a million buck? (You already know the answer to that).

Don’t misunderstand me

I never said the process will be the same for everyone and contextually, each scenario will have their own levels of difficulties and requirements.

Of course, making a sandwich is practically and theoretically easier than making millions of dollars or robbing a bank (#Bruh), and to think otherwise would be absurd. However, my objective is to get you to recognise that getting from A to Z will require you to grind B  through to Y in order to arrive at your final destination, Z.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we begin at step ‘A’ full of energy and enthusiasm, arrive at B then start worrying too much and way too early about the final destination, forgetting that we still need to work our way through steps C all the way to Y!

So, what happens?

Now you’re gassed out from intimidation (of the task) or over too much excitement then at the end, you feel stuck because you’re not making any real progress. You failed to stick to the script. You fell off. Why? Because you failed to remain consistent.

You should have never disrespected the grind.

So now what do you do? You become salty and then waste precious energy making excuses as to why “you can’t”. You burn out before you even made it to step C because you chose to over complicate things.

You rationalise and justify your failure to make yourself feel better and inevitably, you throw in the towel like a defeatist.

(We are nearing the end of 2017. Conduct a self-reflection: how many goals have you abandoned this year? For once in your life why not hold yourself accountable?)

So what should we do? (The solution)

strength with substance

The solution is actually quite simple: we need total submission to the process.

Nothing more, nothing less. (Is that “Zen” enough for you bro? haha).

You need to surrender completely to the process otherwise, expect little result. This is the reality. The grind is all that matters and I can testify first hand to this. Let me explain:

I am currently pursuing a very challenging ambition. I want to create a massive online presence for myself and build a giant readership. (It’s not about the money or popularity for me but don’t get it twisted, I have great commercial awareness and as such, I’m not afraid to monetise).


I made a promise that I will dedicate all I have into my online projects for the next ‘X’ amount of years (why do you want to know the specific date? Mind your business lol) and if it doesn’t work out, I will crawl back to the legal profession, jump back on the hamster wheel so to speak and qualify as a solicitor.

My vision is to have at least 10,000 active web visitors per day by X amount of years. As it stands, I’m currently averaging about 27. Let that sink in for a moment. Twenty flipping seven! Of course, I value each and every single one of those 27 people supremely, but I just wanted to emphasise the number to give you an idea of how hard I have to grind to accomplish the above. (However, I believe in my self so much that I already write as if I have an audience of 10,000 per day).


Anyone that owns/manages their own website (and is serious about making it a major success) will truly testify that generating a single quality web traffic especially as someone with zero pre-existing online presence is no joke, let alone 10,000! However, I understand the nature of the “game” that I’m getting into and I acknowledge deep within my core that where I am today is exactly the level I’m supposed to be. Averaging 27 readers on a daily basis is part of the process.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going!

I say all of that to say this

I highlight all the above as a way to encourage you regardless of what your goal (or obstacle) in life may be. It doesn’t even have to be similar to mine, but the principle is still the same.

Applied properly, that which initially seemed unimaginable to accomplish or overcome all of a sudden doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. I recall reaching my first 500 page views. It blew my mind. Now that I’m currently at 9,000+, 500 feels like child’s play. (See my lifetime page views analytics below)

life time analytics | strength with substanceAs you can see, I am actively working towards reaching destination ‘Z’ and I’ve only just arrived at ‘D’ Those figures above are minor in comparison to what I’m trying to achieve. I still have to grind steps ‘E’ through to ‘Y’ so to speak but to expect that the journey will be smooth or easy would be foolish.

However, I have completely surrendered to the process and I can legitimately say that I really don’t see my goal to build a strong online presence any different to making a sandwich. There are steps involved with both and creating 15 minutes out of my crazy work/life schedule to write each day to publish at least one blog a month coupled with learning about web maintenance/optimisation, studying how to market my content and diversify my streams of web traffic whilst juggling a full time job and working on investing back home in Africa is my equivalent of finding the strength to leave my bedroom to go downstairs into my kitchen, to find the ingredients and going through the steps to prepare a banging tuna sandwich! (It’s soooo loooong! Cba)

There’s nothing stopping you from adopting the same mentality to accomplish your goals or overcoming your personal struggles. Afterall, life is all about perspective and your mindset determines your reality!

I am more than ready to get punched in the mouth and swallow the blood (figure of speech).

How about you?

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Timi Awolola