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Why do I promote mental toughness?

July 8, 2017


There is nothing new under the sun

Life is exceptionally cyclical and to reference Will Smith: there isn’t a new problem you can possibly have that someone else hasn’t already experienced or written about in a book.

However, we can all agree that the acquisition, consumption and storage of information by itself cannot resolve any of our problems.

It really doesn’t matter how many self-improvement materials you consume that will make your problems go away unless you audaciously challenge them yourself.

If you can’t find it within yourself to either transcend your circumstances or overcome your obstacles then, the knowledge you have acquired are useless.

Lets get deep:

“There is hell written into the contract of living!”

The human experience is a struggle. We face mental, physical and emotional obstacles.

We get sick, we suffer and we experience things that are really unfair.

At times, we aspire and work hard only to be rewarded with failure and disappointments.

We live, then we die.

Lets get real:

Life is hard. Even more so if you’re not prepared for its trials and tribulations!

However, as cliche as it sounds, life is literally as hard as we make it. Lord knows we have the tools to either create our own personal heaven or hell on earth.

I understand that tough times will come; especially when forging a new path.

Obstacles, challenges, failures, and disappointments are sure to arise at some point BUT having the mental toughness to resist and persist in the face of adversity is the key to overcoming impediments and attaining success:

It’s okay to be discouraged. It’s NOT okay to quit

-(Ryan Holiday)

Life is only as hard as you make it:

I am constantly growing and evolving as a person. As I am right now, I know my truth and live it!

I feel great about my life simply because of my thoughts, mindset, and attitude. I know that I’m a one-man army that has the power to get whatever he wants out of life.

I know exactly who I am and, I know I am more than enough.

Although our struggles make us human, it doesn’t always follow that we conquer them. This is why I preach and promote mental toughness. I want you to develop the mental fortitude to keep thriving even when navigating through hell.

As such, I am here to help you on your quest for personal growth and, to help you to overcome some of your deepest personal struggles!

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Timi Awolola