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The only thing certain in life is death

May 29, 2017


The only guarantee in life is death! Are you living?!

Beloved! What’s good?

‘Death’ is never a fun topic of conversation and I promise that this will not be one of those posts that leave you drained and depressed. Come on! you should know me by now so if you’re thinking of blacklisting me from attending one of your ‘fancy’ parties simply because you think I would depress you and your guests…think again! (In all fairness, I’d probably turn down your invitation anyway. “Curve them before they curve you,” I say. LOL just kidding. Not really.)

I made a promise to you guys that I will always keep it real and my word is my bond.

If you’re a core reader, you’ll already know that death doesn’t scare me.

You might also be aware of a recent post where I mentioned that I sometimes allow my mind to wonder and think about the “worst case scenario”. It’s safe to say that “death” definitely ranks high in the “worst case scenario” department.

My aim with this piece is to give a reality check that keeps ALL OF US humble and focused on the things that really matters so let’s get started!

You could die tomorrow!

Calm down… Breathe… Come back to me! There you go.

Now: I want you to seriously think about this statement very carefully.

How does it make you feel knowing you could potentially die tomorrow?

Where’s your guarantee that it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen?

What makes you so special?

Are you that arrogant so as to think the rule of death doesn’t apply to you? Or wait! Let me guess: you don’t like to think about these types of things. Well, that’s adorable but it’s a shame that death doesn’t respect your feelings, mine or anyone else.

Of all the uncertainties in life, only death is certain.

Of all the problems that the human race has collectively created for themselves, I find it interesting that we all share this one thing in common, irrespective of all of our differences: DEATH!

I want you to develop mental toughness

If everything that you have read so far makes you uncomfortable, why? (I’m really curious to hear from you in the comment section below).

Obviously, I’m not praying that any of us should die prematurely but, I find it insanely exciting not knowing when my time will be up!

I’ve finally managed to embrace this on a deeper level and what I’m going to tell you next will not be one of those “be positive, be optimistic and live life to the fullest while you can” hippy bullshits. Instead, it will be my authentic view of how embracing my mortality has helped me to take more control of my own life.

A perspective from STRENGTH with SUBSTANCE

Understanding that I’m on borrowed time creates in me the greatest sense of urgency unknown to any man! (If only you could see the world from my POV on a good day for just an hour). The surge of energy I gain from acknowledging this thought is crazy!

However, I’d be lying if I said I don’t initially get scared when I think about such a thing. (What crazy bastard thinks about his own death?!)

Thinking about one’s death is a pretty bizarre thing to do but I choose to use this as a tool of empowerment. Once I’ve removed my feelings and emotions out of the equation, my logical mind takes over and everything is put into perspective once again.

Knowing I may not be here tomorrow keeps me focused on my priorities and also provides the courage to keep fighting any obstacle in my way today. Knowing I could die tomorrow helps me to reframe any unwanted and unproductive mindset that might be looking to interfere with my progress because we all know that the battle is within.

At the very least, knowing I could die tomorrow keeps me humble and balanced. It prevents me from thinking my life is more or less important than the next man or woman. I’m not better than you and neither are you.

The final piece of the puzzle

The older I get, the clearer certain things became. For example, I realised that we are all guilty of trying to control one another. Either passively or otherwise. Consciously or subconsciously. We have all said or done things to influence someone else so that they can behave in the way that we want them to act. I also don’t doubt that we’ve all been on the receiving end as well. I find that this is quite common between friends and family. People will always try their best to put you in a box AND unfortunately, what this means for you now is that you’re living for the will of others.

Random Fun Fact:

Did you know that it’s possible to serve others without being a slave to them? Who knew right? (P.s. that was sarcasm in the event that you couldn’t gather it).

How is all of this relevant?

I don’t want you to get it twisted though: A blatant act of wrongdoing will get chastised. If not by me, definitely by the society.

There should, however, be a clear line between chastising, condemning and imposing one’s views and perspective on others.

I’m not your God and it’s not my duty to condemn any man or woman. Now that said, I’d also appreciate for people to treat me in the same way: don’t impose your views on me because you’re not my creator and you absolutely do not own me. You’re not my boss or master. You’re a human being that will die one day just like myself and your wealth or status cannot prevent this from happening so why the hell do you think I will live my life simply to please you?

I want people to understand that they cannot control or influence me. I don’t need anyone’s approval or validation. People need to wake up and realise that this life is very fickle. Your time could be up tomorrow so why waste today stuck in the box others have tried to put you in?

I say all of that to say this: 

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Timi Awolola